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Steam Solenoid Valves

Steam solenoid valves are one of efficient valves of our inventory that are used in many industrial applications. Our series of steam solenoid valves are available with varied end and mounting options. We also offer many choices for size, body material, pressure and temperature. Steam is used in many industrial and domestic applications.

We are considered as leading manufacturer and exporter of steam solenoid valve. With ultra modern production facilities, we have developed wide range of valve series. It is used in dry cleaning. Steam bath is also one kind of major application of steam. It is used in steam irons, sterilizers and autoclaves.

Our steam solenoid valves are also used in laundry equipments. It is used in different industrial applications. It is build up with precisely machined components to make it withstand with high temperature applying our fluid control mechanism. It can be efficiently perform with 350° c of steam temperature.