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Solenoid Operated Directional Valve

We have got position of one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of solenoid operated directional valve, made from high grade material and offered with industry leading prices. A dedicated team of professionals has made possible to keep an eye on entire fabrication that is help to produce valves with matchless quality. Series of valve is manufactured as per international norms. We guide our client to select best suitable valve according to their functional requirement.

Solenoid contains wire coil that is wounded with varied design according to application. It is simply understood as electrically operated valve. On being energized by an electrical signal, it attracts plunger. Plunger remains movable and attached with a plunger spring. On passing electricity from in to wounded coil it acts as a magnet due to magnetic field formation. Plunger returns to its original position on making off the power. All structural parts and components are made compatible with the media.