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We are proud to state that we are considered as one of foremost manufacturer and exporter of solenoid valves, specially fabricated regarding varied industrial applications. We have developed special ranges of solenoid valves for petrochemicals, solenoid valves for mining, food processing, and solenoid valves for beverages, solenoid valves for automotive industry and many more industrial applications.

Our manufacturing processes reflect fresh innovation of technology. Such technical criteria not only help us to provide good qualitative range of product but also help to cut down production cost of the solenoid valves and other industrial valves. Continuous up gradation of production system have made best scenario for our market value and status in India as well as in foreign countries. Ethical trade policies has added value to such position. It is also benefited for us with respect to customer satisfaction. Our truthful endeavor has also open up new ways to global market and widen our origins worldwide.

2/2 Way Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve	2/2 Way Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve
Low Pressure Piston Solenoid Valve	Low Pressure Piston Solenoid Valve
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2-2 way direct acting solenoid valve